hickory ridge group, llc

Business analytics
  • Edge Analytics
  • Reading and interpreting financial statements
  • All business functions and intersections
  • Developing performance metrics
  • Defining business objectives and goals
  • Basic business acumen
  • Benchmarking (metric and practice)
  • Setting target performance
  • Creating actionable dashboards
  • Developing insight and recommendations 
  • Pre-testing and post-testing 
digital marketing
  • Identifying intersection between marketing strategy and digital marketing
  • Developing digital marketing  metrics
  • Defining digital marketing objectives and goals
  • Digital marketing strategy development
  • Setting digital marketing performance targets
  • Developing insight and recommendations
  • Pre-testing and post-testing

case study method
  • Excellent corporate training method
  • Customized case studies developed for most relevant training
  • General case studies available for use in the professional classroom

Corporate training

Flipped classroom
  • More effective in creating organizational change
  • Experienced  and effective use of flipped pedagogy in the corporate classroom
  • Method can be used for teaching any topic